University Recreation and Aquatic Centre

University Recreation and Aquatic Centre
Northfields Avenue
Gwynneville NSW 2500
Phone: (02) 4221 4700
Public Holidays:
Closed major public holidays – call for more details.
Sport Courts Surface Alternate uses
Tennis 2 Synthetic Grass None
Tennis 2 Synthetic None
Squash 3 Glass Backed None
Basketball 6 Wood Badminton (6), Netball (6), Volleyball (6)
Basketball 3 Wood Futsal (3), Netball (3), Volleyball (3)
Hockey 1 Synthetic Grass None
Soccer 5 Grass Rugby (5)

Sports Hub:

Mon to Fri: 9am to 9pm (all evenings are booked with sports comps)

Saturdays: by appointment (subject to bookings) contact

Sundays: 9am to 9pm

Weekend bookings by appointment and for full facility/major bookings only:

ph (02) 4221 8133 or email Mr Lee Murray

Hockey Centre and Ovals:

Bookings are essential, please call:

(02) 4221 8154

Bookings for other sports are done through the phone number listed.

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