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About us

How it all started…

Some time ago I was down at my local tennis courts and noticed that one of the two courts was free. There’s no booking office at the courts, and when I dialed the number posted at the entrance to the courts to try and make a booking I was greeted by a recorded message suggesting I call back during business hours. There has to be a better a way to do this, I thought – someone should build a web–based system to book tennis courts…

A few months later I tried to find a basketball court for my son’s primary school team to train on during the weekend. It took me four frustrating hours spread over three afternoons before I came to the conclusion that if there was an available basketball court out there, it certainly didn’t want to be want to be found. Even when I could identify a telephone number to call the responses I received were typically something like “Sorry, the courts are booked out for netball all afternoon” or “Can you call back on Tuesday – the guy who handles the bookings is only here on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons”. There’s got to be a better way, I thought…

Where we’re at now…

It’s taken us a while to put it together, but Sports Courts is a better way. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to find and book a court in your local area to play the sport of your choice. In addition to making the booking process easier for users, Sports Courts also offers compelling advantages for court managers and administrators. While they can continue to take bookings in the traditional manner, they can also direct court users to make their own enquiries, bookings, cancellations and payments online, or refer them to Sports Courts dedicated booking line if they prefer.

Help us make it better…

While we’ve tried hard to make the Sports Courts site as easy to use and comprehensive as possible, we appreciate that some aspects of our service may be less than perfect. If you have a suggestion on how we may improve the Sports Courts site, of if there is any aspect of our service that did not meet your expectations, please let us know so that we have the opportunity to try to address them. You can email your suggestion to, or make a submission using the following form.

Go on, get out and play!

Above all, Sports Courts is about helping people keep active and healthy. We‘d like to make it easier for people of all ages to continue to regularly play the sport of their choice, and help parents divert their kids away from the ever–increasing number of electronic distractions and back outside playing sport.

Terms and conditions for using the Sports Courts demo site.

This site has been put up for the use of prospective clients of the website.

You can use this site’s functionality to the extent that the log in created for you by Sports Courts staff will give you access.

Once you have logged in you may be taken straight away to the Admininistration Interface, what we sometimes call the backend or dashboard. From here, again subject to the log in you have been given, you will be able to trial all of the features of the Sports Courts Administration Interface